We are currently posting up in a small cafe in the small harbor town of Inkoo for lunch on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We are sticking to our regular routine of clearing out the pastries and capitalizing on the refillable coffee. The best part of a unique group flowing through a town throughout the day is that once someone sees one of us, they are able to recognize us all. We frequently are met with the response “oh you must be with those American boaters!” and when laughing and asking what gave it away, the most common answer is “oh, you are the hungry looking kids with salty hair, really tan faces and pale arms”. It is clear we are leaving a great impression.

In other news, we are only less than 40 miles away from Helsinki! We hope to float into the harbor on the evening of the fourth in all of our American pride and glory- we are on the lookout for a giant American flag to attach to a few of the boats as we sail in. Also, it should be noted that with our marathon-a-day boat hobo lifestyle, our metabolisms have skyrocketed to the point of 2 pounds of pasta a night is slim for each cook group of 3 people. Parents, plan accordingly.


Happy July first everyone!!!

    • Kevin
    • July 3rd, 2012

    Awesome excursion and experience I’m sure. I wish you good health and safe return!

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